Star Wars: Rogues of the Old Republic (ROTOR)

Session 12: In the Belly of the Slave

The situation seemed dire. Again.

The Ample Bounty had been captured by the Poisonous Slave, a Transdoshan Pirate/salvage ship that they had come up against in the Neya Nebula. Reeled in by the Slave’s tractor beam, they had been boarded but managed to fight off the first wave of Transdoshans and soldier droids.

During the standoff that followed, the Rogues bound their wounds and tried to come up with a plan to secure their escape. It was clear that the tractor beam needed to be disabled, but that would require either slicing the ship’s systems or blowing up the emitter — both of which would mean fighting or sneaking off the Ample Bounty.

As they debated plans (or, as Goggins “Goggy” Crowder said, “trying to find the clean end of the turd”), they felt the Slave’s engines engage, and knew the Slave was under way. A few minutes later the ship stopped again, and based on the distance they could have traveled they were certain that the Slave could not have left the Nebula, but it could have reached the Null.

Which became clear when the blast door enclosing the salvage bay (in which the Slave had enclosed the captured Bounty) opened, revealing that the Transdoshan captain had piloted the Slave around to point the exit of the salvage by directly into the null — so that if the Bounty managed to escape, that would send them right into the null and certain doom.

Unphased by the dismal prospects, the Rogues charged off the ship in an effort to hold ground long enough to allow Simone and Ridaf time to hack into the ship’s computer network and disable the tractor beam.

The Trandoshans had pulled back in the salvage bay, leaving only a squad of droids behind to fight the Rogues — but they also had remote-operated lasers built into the walls of the bay, and those made the scene exceptionally deadly for the Rogues.

The Rogues managed to cover Simone and Ridaf long enough for those two to disable the Tractor beam — but Tir and Yaziro were incapacitated in the fighting. While trying to re-board the Bounty, the Rogues had to deal with the loss of pressure in the salvage bay, which nearly sucked Yaziro’s unconscious body out into the null, but he was caught by Goggy and saved at the last moment.

Tir, having been healed by Simone upon getting back on board the Bounty, managed to race into the cockpit and pulled off a tricky maneuver that allowed the bounty to escape from the Slave’s salvage bay at an angle that allowed them to avoid entering the Null so deeply they couldn’t escape.

Simone got Yaziro conscious again with her force healing, and Yaziro joined Tir in the cockpit for what came next — a replay of the starship battle between the Bounty and the Slave.

This time, however, Yaziro’s deft piloting and some good shooting by Simone (who took over the Bounty’s guns), the Bounty was able to defeat the larger ship.

With the Transdoshan ship exploding behind them, the Rogues returned to the Rapid Descent, still derelict near the void, and rejoined the Rakshasans and Pilgrims for some deep space rest, repairs, and healing.

They’re still in the Nebula, still close to the null, and they can only assume that the Red Mist ship that was prowling outside the Nebula is still there. But for the time being, they could breathe a little easier.

While working on repairs and trying to figure out what’s next, the team decided to experiment to see if P5 would be able to operate within the null. They placed him in the Pilgrim’s capsule and sent it into the null. P5 did power down while in the null, but an eerie light glowed inside the capsule. A little experimentation and investigation revealed that it was the Artifact that P5 wears, Vengor’s Charm.

And with that, the session ended.

Cash earned:* None
Goods Purchased: None
Current Party Funds: $5,850

Current Cargo:
1 milk crate of assorted small arms from the weapon lockup at Jazz’s Cantina
(2 light slugthrower pistols, 1 heavy slugthrower, 1 blaster pistol with a damaged sight (-1 to hit), 1 laser pistol, 1 homemade gyrojet pistol loaded with rocket rounds (expect it to break on a trait roll of 1), no spare ammunition for any of these weapons)

NPC Crew, Followers, and Passengers:
Ridaf, Wilan
Fal Racelata and his rakshasan crew
6 Pilgrims
Other resources*

Bondell’s help, maybe. If he’s still around. He might have skipped.

XP earned: 3 xp
Total XP: 33


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