Star Wars: Rogues of the Old Republic (ROTOR)

Session 13: Descent into the Null

The Rogues had some time at rest, drifting in the nebula near the Null while working on repairs on the Rapid Descent, much less dire repairs on the Ample Bounty, and their own healing after some intense fighting. This took several days, but their last adversaries in the region, the Red Mist pirates that the rogues believe are still outside the nebula seem unwilling to risk entering the storm, and are apparently content to wait for the Rogues or the Greens to come out into the open.

The rogues had time for longer conversations with Terew Itenah, the leader of the pilgrims who had come to the Nebula, seeking the null in the first place. Itenah was able to explain to the rogues in greater detail the belief that had brought them here, seeking the null and the secrets at it’s center. This, combined with other curiosity about what might be at the center of the null pushed the rogues to make a foray down into the null to see what was down there. (Read more about those Grellacian Revelations — there are key secrets revealed there, including the involvement of an old adversary….)

The rogues put together a team, including P-Five Two Proto, who was rigged to run of power released by the artifact he wears, Vengor’s Charm. The team also included Goggins “Goggy” Crowder, Yaziro Mar’Tin’Az, and Simone Vizour (who was played as a non-wild card ally because Darren couldn’t be there).

The initial descent into the null led the group past a nest of Harpooners, essentially truck-sized space slugs with the ability to harpoon and reel in targets. Making their way past that threat, they continued down to the surface of an asteroid — large enough to support a thin atmosphere, made up of jagged crystal and in the midst of a small plateau the home of a long-abandoned temple.

The temple appeared to be a sort of grecian affair, with columns at the corners holding up a roof over a marble platform. At the center of the platform was a dais, on which sat an altar with an empty socket that appeared to once hold a relic of some great importance.

The temple itself appeared to have been left this way centuries ago, but it had clearly been visited recently. An obvious new development was several lines of uninsulated wire which connected to a black box sitting outside the temple. Behind the temple was a sort of stylized oriental dragon statue.

While trying to investigate the team was attacked by some sort of plasma elementals that were drawn to them, but that also seemed to power the black box when they encountered the wires. After defeating the elementals, the rogues discovered that the black box was a sort of beacon, that was now sending a signal out into space — and it also contained a holo-recording. In that recording they saw their old nemesis Fandutton, speaking to Itenah, gloating about having arrived at the temple before the pilgrims did, and insincerely apologizing for the threats that he had left behind to make sure Itenah did not escape alive.

That woke up the dragon, and also summoned up a dozen ghostly zombie children that attacked the party.

After barely defeating that threat, the rogues took one last look around at the temple and the altar. Studying the place they determined that their two artifacts — Vengor’s Charm and The Alva Focus, were part of this device — and there must be three other parts. They believe that Fandutton has one already, and the other two are still lost, but probably somewhere in the region.

That left just their final escape from the null, which involved being reeled back in by the long monofilament cable that had lowered them down to the temple in the first place. On the way up they were pursued by a couple of starship-sized monstrosities that had also woken up with the temple’s black box came alive. Back on the bounty, the rogues were able to drive off the beasts and limp away to safety. And that’s where we ended it.

Cash earned:* None
Goods Purchased: None
Current Party Funds: $5,850

Current Cargo:
1 milk crate of assorted small arms from the weapon lockup at Jazz’s Cantina
(2 light slugthrower pistols, 1 heavy slugthrower, 1 blaster pistol with a damaged sight (-1 to hit), 1 laser pistol, 1 homemade gyrojet pistol loaded with rocket rounds (expect it to break on a trait roll of 1), no spare ammunition for any of these weapons)

NPC Crew, Followers, and Passengers:
Ridaf, Wilan
Fal Racelata and his rakshasan crew
Terew Itenah and his Pilgrims (6 total)
Other resources*

Bondell’s help, maybe. If he’s still around. He might have skipped.

XP earned: 2 xp
Total XP: 35 (earned an advance)


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