Star Wars: Rogues of the Old Republic (ROTOR)

Session 15: End of the Affair

This was the second half of the Wedding Scenario. Again, it’s been a while since we played that session, and I don’t have time for a detailed recap.

The high points:

  • Marona Kasra tried to escape rather than fight Fandutton and the Sith forces.
  • The Rogues followed. A running chase ensued.
  • Fandutton managed to capture Kasra
  • Klugar Taerm, a Hutt constable and investigator, lead the Nar Shaddaa security forces that responded to the attack.
  • Badly wounded, with a few Rogues incapacitated, the Rogues discovered that the Ample Bounty had been impounded by inspector Taerm. They sough refuge in an unlikely place — their former (betrayed) employer Nagan Jatha.
  • Jatha has relocated Nar Shaddaa after being driven off Wayland. Jatha lost power on Wayland after being betrayed by the Rogues, and moved his operation here. He is struggling to make his arms business work here. where the Hutt seem to have every advantage. The arrival of the Rogues badly in need of help has returned a prodigal resource he badly needs again.
  • A few weeks pass as the Rogues recover from their wounds…..

Cash earned: None
Goods Purchased: None
Current Party Funds: $5,850

Current Cargo:
Cargo on the Ample bounty was lost when the ship was captured

NPC Crew, Followers, and Passengers:
Ridaf, Wilan

Other resources

Bondell’s help, maybe. If he’s still around. He might have skipped.

XP earned: 3 xp
Total XP: 40 — You’ve earned an advance and are now Veteran level.


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