Star Wars: Rogues of the Old Republic (ROTOR)

Session 17: Skrump's Gotta Pay

The Rogues had been tracking the Bloody Dozen, the gamorrean gang that had been the muscle on the raid that interfered with Jatha’s big deal with the resistance in the previous session. While following, the saw the Dozen get a data padd via a messenger, and then arm up and head out.

The Rogues followed and were on hand when the Dozen tried to ambush a Jedi in the middle of a park. They joined into the fun, and made new, if tentative friend in Russo, a Chiss Jedi. Russo’s mission on Nar Shaddaa dovetailed nicely with the Rogues’ interest in damaging Skrump’s business, and so they decided to join forces.

The rogues, however, never like telling the truth when a lie will suffice. They managed to use Goggy’s object reading ability to determine that the data padd that had given the Gamorreans the information to attack Russo had been owned by one Khimbe Vob, manager of Skrump’s flagship casino.

The Rogues (claiming to be a part of the The Red Mist) reached out to him, claiming to be able to deliver on the mission that the Bloody Dozen failed on, and to deliver Russo to him.

After a communication channel was established, and negotiations could be handled, it was agreed that:

  • Vob would demonstrate good will by clearing the names of the Rogues who were wanted by the Nar Shaddaa authorities
  • The Rogues would bring Russo as a prisoner to the Casino
  • The rogues will travel with the Skrump entourage and other guests to an off-world site for a demonstration of a new slave army’s soldiers
  • Russo will become a prime attraction in that demonstration
  • Once the slave soliders have killed Russo, the Skrump organzation will arrange for the return of the Ample Bounty to the rogues.

The deal, so far, as gone as advertised. The Rogues were no longer being sought by the Nar Shaddaa authorities (although when the arrived at the casino there were certainly a LOT of Nar Shaddaa security forces watching the casino from outside, and they were paying very direct attention to the rogues). They were put up for the night in the casino, and the next day they were allowed to board a cruise liner taking Skrumps’s potential customers to the viewing of the exciting new breed of slaves he wants to show off.

There were, however, some wrinkles.

  • A Sith general (name later, don’t have my notes) and his entourage is one of the customer groups also on the ship
  • An independent outer rim warlord (name later), and his entourage, is another customer.
  • Serrata Ko has been spotted with some lesser Sith. After the cruiser embarked, there was a brief hallway conversation between Serrata and Simone.
  • A female hutt, inexplicably force active, made contact with the party. It appears that she is many things — somehow force active, has been trained a little by Marona Kasra, willing to help the Rogues and is especially interested in making contact with Russo; and is also Skrump’s daughter. The rogues witnessed her able to move through crowds largely unnoticed thanks to a force ability that seems to encourage others around her to overlook her.

The rogues used some time in the shipboard taverns to try to discredit the new slave cyborg soldiers — while at the same time studying some of the marketing material provided by the Skrump organization to the passengers and prospective customers.

The source of the slaves is shrouded in mystery — they are not a race that anyone recognizes, and the assumption is that they come from a distant outer rim world, and they are a primitive race being harvested by slavers in Skrump’s employ. There are none of the slaves on the Cruise ship — the group of customers are being taken to another system where the slaves will be demonstrated.

And that’s where the session ended - -two days into a three-day journey to the undisclosed demonstration site at the beginning of a three-day journey to the undisclosed demonstration site. (retconned by GM)

Cash earned: None
Goods Purchased: None
Current Party Funds: $5,850

Current Cargo:
Cargo on the Ample bounty was lost when the ship was captured

NPC Crew, Followers, and Passengers:
Ridaf, Wilan

Other resources

Bondell’s help, maybe. If he’s still around. He might have skipped.

XP earned: 3 xp
Total XP: 45 (earned an advance)


One thing we noted during play was that the plan to take a Jedi into a Hutt’s clutches as a prisoner, only to quickly arm him and go all trojan horsey on everyone — since the events of Return of the Jedi are actually very far off in the future of the Star Wars universe, this is clearly an original idea, from which Luke must have stolen the idea to infiltrate Jabba’s palace.

Session 17: Skrump's Gotta Pay
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