Star Wars: Rogues of the Old Republic (ROTOR)

Session 21: Coruscant and the Jedi Council

The session opened with the Rogues on Coruscant, having been able to get into the Jedi enclave’s shipyard and compound thanks to Russo’s connections and passcodes.

Once there, they borrowed a cargo hauler to try to sell their cargo of cybernetic implant parts, but in an initial foray into the markets they found no customers, but Yaziro did spot someone taking an unnatural interest in him, despite his efforts to be discrete (basically a sun bonnet tied down around his ears).

The rogues retreated back to the Jedi compound and decided to spend the rest of the day seeing what they could learn in the library.

Simone took the lead on the research efforts and first started to research her father, who she has been told was killed on the day the compound was attacked by the Sith. She found traces of information that led her to believe that this might have been faked, and that at least some Jedi were suspicious of him, were having him watched and monitored carefully in the days leading up to the attack.

Simone also did some research on the current situation in the council. Russo had offered a few light details, but nothing that really gave them a good lay of the land. So she started to dig.

What she discovered was that the Jedi council is currently divided between two extreme positions. The Bastion are jedi who favor a conservative, defensive stance, calling back Jedi from the far flung worlds and rebuilding their central strength.

The Silver League are jedi who favor a more aggressive, offensive stance, actively reaching out to counter Sith advances in neutral territory and working to make new alliances and stem the growth of the Sith empire at every opportunity.

There were several key Jedi masters she was able to familiarize herself with at the time as well. Marelis Cotthils, Dardarr Scar, and Reysam Gravstock

Marelis Cotthils visited with the Rogues in their suite in the Jedi Spire, and she expressed her opinion that the Relics in the party’s possession — The Alva Focus and Vengor’s Charm, should be placed in the custody of the Jedi Council for safe keeping — they’re far too dangerous out in the space lanes. The Council knows thatFandutton and his followers have the other three relics now (the last, the Bell of Brakin was recovered recently), and it’s only by great good luck that these last two items remain out of Fandutton’s hands.

This presents a particular problem for the Rogues: Vengor’s Charm is an integral part of P5 — his personality is a combination of the faulty circuits in his system and mysterious influence of the relic. Remove the relic, and it’s believed that P5’s Sith Murderbot programming would restore itself.

Cotthils placed the Rogues under house arrest, temporarily, while waiting for a final decision of the Jedi Council.

That night, Simone bonded through the force with the Alva focus; she discovered a personality in there that she could communicate with, one that ached to be reunited with the rest of her “brothers”. When Simone explained that the Vengor Charm was nearby, the focus begged to be merged.

Simone broke the connection with the Focus and then made contact with the charm. The charm was clearly a darker influence, but it also wanted to connect with the focus, and begged to be connected.

In the end, after a lot of debate, Simone connected the two relics without removing the Charm from it’s connection with P5. This caused a major disturbance in the force, felt by Jedi throughout the spire.

This brought in the Jedi guards, but they failed to figure out what was going on, and became fixated on the fact that Yaziro had snuck out through ventilation ducts to find breakfast.

Having talked down the guards, the rogues were able to go to bed.

The next day, through a series of meetings with key members of the council and serious, devious plotting (P5 appears to be much more devious now that the Focus and Charm have been combined), they managed to arrange to convince the jedi Council to overrule Cotthils and send the relics off with the rogues, under the watchful gaze of Russo and another Jedi Master, Norlina Acketol , who had been unaligned with the two factions but whose influence on the unaligned voters was critical in overthrowing Cotthils.

The rogues have agreed to take on two missions:

  • Find the home world of the slaves and ensure that they are free of further oppression at the hands of Skrump and the Quarrans
  • Find the Hutt claiming to be a jedi and bring her back to the Jedi Council for examination

And a unspoken mission, taken on by Russo for his mentor Scar -

  • Find and recover the three remaining relics.

Cash earned: None
Goods Purchased: None
Current Party Funds: $5,850

Current Cargo:
Cybernetic parts (4 Units Worth = Base value $8,000, but these are high demand items, so they can be sold for $16,000)

NPC Crew, Followers, and Passengers:
Ridaf, Wilan. Russo Norlina Acketol

Other resources

XP earned: 2 xp
Total XP: 55 xp (advance earned)


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