Captain Compassion

The Singing Madalorian


Captain Compassion is a beloved local entertainer. He freelances with various delivery services to add a touch of theater. Some madalorians are known for there skill at arms, Captain Compassion is known for his skill at The Arts! His guns are filled with glitter and his voice amplifier has a full range of audio processors. He is his own beat off machine!

Captain Compassion is available for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, anniversary parties or any events where a large caliber performer is needed.

The talent agency Mutable Pony is glad to take your registration. We require a 25% agency fee on top of his quoted rate. Request for unusual performances will be entertained for additional agency fee.


Born on the planet Jazz hands to two choreographers, he found his voice early in life, in a madalorian junk pile. He donned his helmet, added a smile, and never looked back. Working across the cat skulls systems he was meet with great reviews. Sure he had a rough spot the year he was booked at one honkey tonk cantina after the others. However, his performances are often called explosive.

Captain Compassion

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