Serratta Ko

a Rattataki male, masterless Sith apprentice & on the run


Serrata Serrata, a male Rattataki, standing about 1.7 meters tall, thin and agile. He is a near human, with no body hair and pale gray skin and eyes. His body is adorned with the tattooes of the Rattataki, before he was taken for Sith training. His lightglaive is wrapped completely in bantha hide to hide its origin and his identity. He has been raised in the culture of the Sith, he does not view himself as evil or power hungry, but wanting what he deserves (which is anything he can rightfully take). He is seeking justice for his life being ruined.


Serrata, a male Rattataki, Sith apprentice and not yet a Saber (aka Sith Knight). His master Sith Lord Makot was assassinated during the power struggle for Council seats. Leaving Serrata with out a master and in danger of being hushed as well, so he went into hiding. The Sith Lord Hiwall Sith Lord Hiwall, a Female Twilek, who benefited by his death by ascending to Dark council after the treaty was signed.
Serrata was sent on various missions by his former master, most of which was into the seedier parts of the galaxy. During this time he learned Huttesse, as it spoken by much of criminal world and Biniary (Droid Language) as way to pick up additional intel and involved with the Kalut Pander, a Chiss male, a captain the Dark Sun crime organization. One of Serrata’s regular contacts was Favord Bondel Favord Bondell, a male Nikto, Spice Smuggler and Junkie
Serrata was trained in the Nag’anata style of lightsaber techniques, which uses a lightsaber at the end of a polearm, also called a lightglaive.
Currently Serrata is looking for the clues to who killed his master. Not out of any love he bore him, but for the detriment of losing a Sith master before being elevated to status of Saber.
During the battle of Agamar Forest, Serrata and Favord Bondell was sent by his master to find an ancient ruin. Finding an ancient Sith artifact that would have made his master more powerful. Shorty after, he met SimoneSimone Vizour, who informed him of his master’s death.

Serratta Ko

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