Simone Vizour

Force adept, blaster wielding, blind, honorable thief


Simone is fair skinned with bright purple hair. She wears a fitted, wrap around visor that hides her optical sockets. She tends to dress in a skin tight leather jumpsuit which allows her freedom of movement. She carries a small blaster pistol and a lightsaber which she has somehow modified to emit a hot pink blade.


Simone Vizour was born 3676 BBY on Coruscant to a life a relative comfort. Her mother, Mariel Vizour, was a low-level diplomat in the Alpheridies delegation of the Galactic Senate. Her father, Jask Vizour, was an aid in the Jedi Temple. Like all Miraluka she was born completely blind. Only through The Force could she see. By the age of three it became apparent that Simone possessed much more that the simple gift of force sight. This concerned her parents.

Jask had seen many children ripped from their families so they could be trained by the Jedi Order. Neither parent wanted to see this happen to their daughter. They feared the suspicion it would draw if the entire family suddenly uprooted and moved off world, so they hatched a plan. Jask would remain on Coruscant. His position allowed him to keep tabs on the whereabouts of Jedi members. For her part Mariel opted to rotate out of the Galactic Senate diplomatic corps.

Mariel accepted a post as ambassador to the mid-rim world of Bothawui in 3673 BBY. Both she and Jask felt that the famed neutrality and intelligence network of the Bothans would protect them from the war raging on the galactic rim. They were wrong. Two years later Mariel was onboard an orbital transport from Bothawui to one of the moons. It was the day the Sith attempted to take the planet in what would later become known as the First Battle of Bothawui. Although the Sith were ultimately thwarted the transport Mariel was aboard was destroyed.

At the time of the attack Simone was in the care of her mother’s most trusted Bothan aid, Feln Krela’bor. Feln had been told that Simone’s father died before the Vizours arrived, so she believed the girl to be an orphan. She took Simone in and raised her as a daughter hoping in the future this act of compassion would gain her some standing in the republic.

The Krela’bor family was highly active in the Bothan spy network (see Krela’bor Hierarchy). In fact Feln’s status as an aid to Mariel was cover so she could spy on Galactic Senate affairs. Simone grew up in this world of secrets and lies. To her the shady underground was home.

By the time she reached her teens Simone began to join her adoptive family in their affairs. Although their line of work would seem sinister the Krela’bor had always operated with a strict code of honor. Like most Bothans they always tried to position themselves better than anyone else, but they despised killing. No piece of information was worth a life. At times this principle resulted in a less than optimal position, but the family believed that in order to keep power you have to be content in how you earned it. To this end they always strived to use information gathered “for the greater good.”

By twenty Simone was being sent on solo information gathering missions. She wasn’t the best investigator, but her ability to blend in with a mostly human population allowed her to gather more accurate and detailed information than any of her Bothan family members. One of these missions took her back to Coruscant, specifically to the Jedi Temple. It was during this mission she learned that her father was not in fact dead. This news rattled her loyalty to her adoptive family. She questioned their loyalty to her. Had she simply been a pawn in their political game?

Without notice she went off the grid. She reached out to her father. He was happy to know the woman she became. He tried to help her hone her force abilities with what he had learned in his time working for the Jedi.

Simone still needed to make a living, so she used her newfound Jedi abilities combined with the time with her Bothan family to acquire odd jobs. She had become quite skilled with a blaster, so she often took jobs smuggling small items or providing protection to low level dignitaries.

By 3651 BBY she had begun to build a positive reputation for herself. Then came the Sacking of Coruscant. Once she heard of the fall of the Jedi Temple she knew her father had perished. She had now lost both her parents at the hands of the Sith, but ironically she did not blame them.

Instead she laid her blame on the Jedi Order. It was because of their policies that her parents felt she needed to be relocated. That is why her mother had perished all those years ago. It was their inability to protect her father that resulted in his death. He was surrounded by Jedi warriors. He should have survived.

Simone Vizour had a premonition about the death of Sith Lord Kenen (Serratta Ko / Sith Lord Hiwall’s former master).

P-Five Two Proto and Sith Lord Hiwall united against a common foe: Simone Vizour. How did Simone Vizour faill P-Five Two Proto? How does this alliance affect P-Five Two Proto and Sith Lord Hiwall today?

While at Nar Shaddaa, P-Five Two Proto and Simone Vizour discovered a strange arifact, Vengor’s Charm. What’s the one thing you two have been able to decern about it?

Simone Vizour was in a hard place at Nar Shaddaa when P-Five Two Proto unexpectedly showed up and helped her out. Why were they there in the first place? How did they save her?

Simone Vizour

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