Yaziro Mar'Tin'Az

Young human thief pilot, Red Mist confounder, Poisonous Slave Defeater

Yaziro is young (14 ) human. He tend to wear bright colored clothes. Though when in “thief” mode he will wear subdued colors.

he has taken to wearing what he calls “warpaint”. Claiming that he uses it to make his appearance. Though in reality he does it mostly to make his young self seem tougher.


Born on Corsucant, Yaziro family worked in blue collar district, his father a skimmer technician and his mother working as a domestic servant in the wealthier districts.. When the war came it destroyed everything. The invasion killed Yaziro parents, and separated him from his little brother. What little protection he could find was in the local gangs. Disaster relief was sparse and went to wealthier areas.
Yaziro heard his little brother was taken to the outer rims, when the Sith forces withdrew. So he has hitchhiked, worked his way and stowed away when necessary.
He has little love for either the Galactic Forces or the Sith, they are just sides. His allegiance is to himself. Though he wont pass the opportunity to screw over either.
He a bit of a klepto, partly to compensate for a life struggling, but mostly to hurt the rich. The rich would be anyone worth more than Yaziro

Yaziro has taken to wearing “war paint”, bold geometric patterns. Partly to obscure his features from cameras, but mostly to make himself seem more threatening.

The story of how Yaziro acquired the transport “Ample Bounty” varies each time he tells the tale. Generally, they go along the lines of Yaziro liberated an already liberated ship.

Yaziro Mar'Tin'Az

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