Ample Bounty

Own and flown by the young Yaziro Mar’Tin’Az. She seems to be an alglam of other ships put together by malfunctioning droids. Which in fact, she rather is.
Yaziro tells differing tales of how he acquired her. The common thread is Yaziro liberated her from others who already liberated her. The suspicion is he liberated her from a chop shop.

The Ample Bounty has been painted in a dazzle pattern, broad irregular geometric pattern. Currently in blanks, grey and baby blue. With the “escape pod” in a nice white with safety yellow stripes.

It broadly follows the schematic for a YT-2400, except the starboard escape pod has been replaced by a small sub-light transport, and old ambulance. Much of the interior is in pieces. The captains state room and the head having been repaired.

Recently a new top of the line food processor has been added as well as a waffle bar.

On the practical note, Yaziro has installed a number of external and internal security cameras which he watches from the cockpit or his statroom.. Given the piecemeal state of the interior, Yaziro usually just hides and smuggled items among the debris. He does have a dedicated compartment in the aft starboard strut. He either opens the surrounding structure to vacuum or routes hot coolant through it to make the surrounding space uninhabitable.

Ample Bounty

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