Star Wars: Rogues of the Old Republic (ROTOR)

Session 18-19: The Demonstration of the Janissaries

This recap will be pretty thin, and it needs to advance the story two sessions. Maybe it’s just one session — there was an abortive session in there where we didn’t really play, etc. But here’s the important bits of happened:

  • Rogues traveled on Skrump’s Pride to the unknown planet where the demonstration would take place.
  • Skurmp insisted on a meeting with the Rogues to ask them to drug Russo so that he would be impaired in his battle with the Janissaries, the name they’re using for the Cyborg Slaves.
  • The Rogues agreed to drug him. Then, when it was time to do so, they pulled a switch.
  • Russo performed well in the early demos. The janissaries were tough, but Russo defeated small groups, and the demonstration continued to ramp up the challenge.
  • During a break, in the staging area and infirmary beneath the Arena, the Rogues gave up any pretense of working on Skrump’s side, and using control pads in the staging area turned the janissaries into a rearguard that would hold their position against opponents.
  • Quarran security started flooding parts of the station to cut off escape.
  • Russo tried to make an escape, heading for the Western ship platform, where it was till possible to go thanks to a path of unflooded passages.
    • There Russo discovered that it was a trap, and Serrata was waiting there for him.
  • The Rogues start the session in the Area staging area, where the Janissaries will still hold the position for them for the time being, but the station is on alert. There are some possible goals:
    • Go to the eastern Platform, where the slaver ship is, and slice the ship’s navigational computer to determine where the slaves are coming from.
    • Go to the Slave Holding area to try to commuicate with and perhaps free the slaves.
    • Go to the Janissary barracks area, and try to decommission or even take over the Janissaries on the station
    • Go to the Southern docking platform and steal a freighter and escape.

What will they do?

Cash earned: None
Goods Purchased: None
Current Party Funds: $5,850

Current Cargo:
Cargo on the Ample bounty was lost when the ship was captured

NPC Crew, Followers, and Passengers:
Ridaf, Wilan

Other resources

Bondell’s help, maybe. If he’s still around. He might have skipped.

XP earned: 5 xp (in two sessions)
Total XP: 50 (earned an advance)


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