Star Wars: Rogues of the Old Republic (ROTOR)

Session 20: Skrump Creole

The rogues manage to escape from the underwater complex, with a Quarran technician as their prisoner/informant/new ally. They did manage to scoop up Russo at the last moment and save him as well — he apparently was able to wound Serrata badly in their encounter, but not kill him.

Cash earned: None
Goods Purchased: None
Current Party Funds: $5,850

Current Cargo:
Cybernetic parts (4 Units Worth = Base value $8,000, but these are high demand items, so they can be sold for $16,000)

NPC Crew, Followers, and Passengers:
Ridaf, Wilan. Lausus

Other resources

Bondell’s help, maybe. If he’s still around. He might have skipped.

XP earned: 3 xp
Total XP: 53


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