House Rules

This is a gathering place for all special rules we are using on top of the basic Savage Worlds rules.

Savage Worlds Options
Source books:

  • Savage Worlds Deluxe
    • The force is treated as Arcane Background (Psionics) if you’re using a character builder.
    • Setting Rules:
      • Critical failures (you may not spend a bennie to re-roll double 1s.)
      • High Adventure (Spend bennies to gain a one-time use of a combat edge. Can also be applied to powers for force users)
      • Joker’s wild (All players gain a bennie when a PC draws a Joker)
      • Multiple Languages
  • Science Fiction Companion
    • Races
    • Weapons (blasters are Particle Accelerators; Light Sabers are Energy Weapons)
    • Gear
    • Setting Rules
    • Cyberware
    • Robots (PCs should use the Construct race)
    • Starships
    • Vehicles
    • Walkers
  • Horror Companion
    • Ritual Magic (Force Rituals)
    • Vices
    • Forbidden Lore (Force Lore)
    • Signs and Portents

Custom Rules

House Rules

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