Light Sabers

Light sabers are the especially powerful weapons of the Jedi Knights, although they are usable by others, they can be especially dangerous in the hands of someone who is untrained.

Trying to represent the special properties of a Light Saber in Savage Worlds is challenging. Here’s what we will do:

  • Start with the Energy Weapon template from the Science Fiction companion.
    • Increase weapon’s damage die by one type
    • No minimum strength requirement
    • Count as a Heavy Weapon
    • +4 AP in addition to special abilities of the base weapon
    • Requires a power pack. Power packs generally recharge on their own with kinetic energy, but they do wear out. On a roll of 1 on the fighting die (regardless of the wild die) the current power pack dies (after the attack).
  • Add some adjustments for flavor to better represent the star wars light saber
    • Use agility die instead of strength for damage
    • Called Shots at limbs do +2 damage, and any rolls on the injury table as a result of that attack are automatically the result for the appropriate limb
    • Called Shots at weapons (-4 to hit) will destroy a non-attached weapon if it’s not also an energy weapon

Making Mistakes with Light Sabers

Light sabers are especially dangerous to unskilled users. On any roll of a 1 on the fighting die (regardless of the wild die) the attack hits the user instead.

This is in addition to the power pack burning out. Think of that as a safety feature.

Force Users and Light Sabers

Force Users have some special abilities when they use Light Sabers:

  • Force Users who are trained in fighting may ignore the “Making Mistakes with Light Sabers” rules
  • A force user armed with a light saber may use her parry as her defense against ranged attacks when she uses the full defense action. The full defense action can be combined with other actions normally, using the multi-action rules, but keep in mind that when you take the full defense action you may not move. You may, however, use additional actions to take actions like run, leap (especially useful with the force leap ability).
  • Use force powers through the light saber (this is essentially trappings).

Cutting Through Objects

Light Sabers can cut through almost anything (except shields, force fields, other energy weapons, and anything the GM determines they can’t cut through)

Cutting through a door or wall usually requires a Dramatic Task.

  • The DC is set by the GM and is based on the hardness of the material being cut through, usually at least a -2 modifier.
  • Complications on that check might include things like exposing power conduits or other hazards hidden by the wall, causing structural collapse, and so on

Sample Light Saber Weapons:

  • Lightsaber (Longsword) (AGI+1d10, AP 4, Powered)
  • Light Pike (Halberd) (AGI+1d10, Reach 1, 2 hands, AP 4, Powered)
  • Light Gladius (Shortsword) (AGI+1d8, AP 4, Powered)
  • Light Dirk (Dagger) (AGI+1d6, AP 4, Powered)

Light Sabers

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