This allows the character to own (or claim) a ship as his or her own. It can be a fighter or a light freighter, which can be customized.

The “Ship” edge can be taken as a bonus edge at character creation. It must be balanced with either a major or two minor hindrances, but those don’t count against the normal character creation limits.

Some recommendations:

  • All Thumbs (reskinned as run-down; -2 to all repair checks made on the ship; whenever a skill roll comes up 1 on the skill die, that ship system breaks down and must be repaired)
  • Enemy – Owning this ship marks you as a member of one faction or the other — this means that there are enemies from the other side around every corner
  • Poverty (everything you have gets put back into your ship)
  • Vow (serve the organization that provided you with the ship)
  • Wanted (by the organization from which you stole the ship)


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