transdoshan.pngTransdoshans are large, reptilian humanoids who have a racial hatred for Wookies.

Massive and strong, Transdoshans are even larger than Wookies, but their three-fingered, thumbless hands lack the dexterity to handle weapons or devices that are designed for other races very well.

  • Big Lug (+4): Transdoshans start with STR d6 and Vigor D6
  • Hindrance: All Thumbs (-2) Actually no thumbs, but the same effect. -2 with repair skill, and any time a Transdoshan uses a technological or electronic device designed for non-Transdoshan hands, on a skill roll of 1 (no matter what’s on the wild die) the device breaks, and requires a repair roll at -2 and 1d6 hours to fix.
  • Regeneration (+2): Transdoshans makes natural healing rolls once/day instead of once/week)
  • Natural Weaponry (Claws) (+1): Transdoshans have claws and can make a claw attack that does STR +d6 damage.
  • Hindrance: Vengeance (Major) (-2): One of the tenents of the Transdoshan faith (worship of a goddess called “The Scorekeeper”) involves bloody vengeance for any wrong. In many cases they will kill to avenge a slight.
  • Racial Enemy (-1): Transdoshans and Wookies have intense hatred for each other.

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